Empowering Voices: Maritza Diaz, CEO of ITJ, Elevates the Conversation at Women Who Code Panel

SAN FRANCISCO, September 14th, 2023 — Maritza Diaz, CEO of ITJ and a renowned leader in innovation, was a standout panelist at the recent Women Who Code event, engaging the audience in a discussion titled “Panel Discussion with Leaders in Biotech and Engineering.”She shared the platform with the renowned Dana Caulder, Executive Director of Research Informatics and Software Development of Genentech, and the talented Alyss Weissglass, Software Engineer at Benchling. Their collective expertise and unique experiences contributed to a rich dialogue on advancements in the biotech and engineering sectors.

A Visionary Representation

Maritza Diaz, with her dynamic presence and profound insights, exemplified the innovative spirit of ITJ, discussing the multifaceted nature of the Biotech industry and exploring the myriad pathways to leadership within biotech and engineering realms. She expressed,

“In these progressive sectors of biotech and engineering, mastery of science is coupled with visionary leadership and adaptability. The sectors’ future is intertwined with our ability to innovate, integrate across various disciplines, and nurture a culture of incessant learning. At ITJ, we are committed to exploring new frontiers by leveraging diverse expertise and championing leadership.”

Empowerment & Diversity at ITJ

ITJ’s dedication to empowering women to excel and lead in their respective fields is a testament to its broader mission to foster diversity and inclusivity. The company has been a witness and contributor to the transformative journey of women in the tech industry, continually fostering their growth at every stage. Collaborating with initiatives like Women Who Code underscores ITJ’s commitment to cultivating a diverse and inclusive technological landscape.


This enlightening discussion would not have been possible without the outstanding contribution and organization by Women Who Code Mexico. Their commitment to creating empowering spaces for women in technology was the driving force behind this event. A special acknowledgement to the dedicated hosts and directors of the event, Michelle Macaraeg and Mahalakshmi Rajkumar, whose meticulous planning and passionate involvement were instrumental in its success.

Continued Collaboration & Commitment

ITJ is excited to strengthen its partnership with Women Who Code, working in tandem to open more doors and create opportunities for women to ascend and lead in technology.

For a more in-depth insight into the discussions and to witness the empowering dialogue, we invite you to watch our full video recording! [Link to Recording]

About Women Who Code

Since its inception in 2011, Women Who Code, an international non-profit organization, has been a catalyst for change, inspiring women globally to excel in technology and programming careers. Their vision is a world where women are proportionally represented across all segments in tech – as technical leaders, executives, founders, VCs, board members, and software engineers.

About ITJ

ITJ is devoted to serving fast-growing and high-value market sectors, particularly the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), working with innovative medical device companies looking to improve people’s lives. With a unique BOT (build, operate, and transfer) model that sources only the best digital talent available, ITJ enables companies in the US to create technology centers of excellence in Mexico. For more information, visit www.itj.com.

Women Who Code Maritza Diaz

Maritza Diaz joins the conversation at the Women Who Code panel

Maritza Diaz, Chief Executive Officer of ITJ, joins the Women Who Code panel called “Women Inspire Women.” Alongside talented CEO Cristina de la Peña and Senior Manager María Jiménez, they share their professional experience as Mexican women in IT. 

Since launching in 2011, Women Who Code has been an international non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring women to pursue technology and programming careers. They have created the most fantastic community and a job board to help girls and women worldwide prosper in the IT industry. They envision a world where women are proportionally represented as technical leaders, executives, founders, VCs, board members, and software engineers.

Since their launch of the Mexico City edition in 2015, Women Who Code has been representing Mexican women’s interests in technology, generating the most significant impact, promoting gender equality, and helping women reach their full professional potential.

This year’s panel shared the conversation with three women leaders in IT, and ITJ’s CEO, Maritza Diaz, was one of them. By responding to questions such as: How can we get more women into technology? What advice would you give to other women to help them progress in this industry? What’s a leadership lesson that you’ve learned that’s unique to being a female leader? The three women offered their points of view based on their professional and personal experiences to encourage and motivate other girls and women who have similar goals.

Over the past seven years, Maritza has established herself as a thought leader in the software industry’s cross-border collaboration. One of her goals is to achieve full gender equality in her company with a 50-50 employee gender ratio. The same stands out as a beacon of hope for women who pursue careers in technology and programming. Maritza’s remarkable strength is an encouragement to everybody. We are sure that her dreams are closer than ever to becoming a reality. 

About ITJ

ITJ is a trusted partner in building the finest software engineering teams in the Americas. For more information, visit www.itj.com.