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American National, QudelOrtho, CureMetrix

Nearshoring with us is confidence in your long-term investment. 

Selecting a dependable software outsourcing partner can take several months

You might face a challenging journey ahead:

Reviewing websites and proposals from providers unfamiliar with your industry

Communication breakdowns caused by language differences​

Enduring lengthy waits for onboarding and training new talent​

Case Study

ITJ and a leading company in the US that produced the #3 prescribed medical device for diabetes and joined forces to tackle issues linked to traditional insulin delivery methods. Their collaboration with ITJ resulted in a fourfold increase in innovation, one-third cost reduction compared to in-house solutions, and halved staff turnover.

Today, the company holds the top spot as the #1 prescribed medical device in its category.

How we work with you


Assemble your top talent team by recruiting and securing office space


ITJ takes over day-to-day operations, managing your team and overseeing project execution


Ownership and management of the team can be transferred to your company. Ongoing support after the transfer and a continued partnership

Centers of Excellence

• Strategically developed to foster an environemnt dedicated  to digital transformation
• 100% dedicated Scrum teams
• Top talent with low churn rates, less than 4%
• Fully bilingual staff

We hire for the roles you need

Showcasing our expertise: Unveiling the journey from idea to realization.

Tailored Software Development

Craft customized software solutions to meet your unique needs, covering both front-end and back-end technologies.

QA and Testing

Ensure the reliability of your technology through a combination of manual and automated testing to make it resilient and robust.

Data Science

Leverage advanced AI, machine learning, and data engineering methodologies to unleash business value.

UX/UI Design

Craft exquisite, pixel-perfect designs that captivate and delight your end users with effortless usability.

Mobile App Development

Develop top-performing, scalable, and secure mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices.

Platform and Infrastructure

Enhance the reliability of your applications with our team of skilled DevOps and Security engineers, ensuring fault tolerance and top-notch performance.

Experts in 100+ Technologies Python C++ Java C# TypeScript Swift Kotlin Ruby PHP

We're ITJ

At ITJ, we're not just a service provider; we're your innovation partner. Since 2019, we've assisted life science companies with exceptional software solutions. Our unique approach focuses on assembling the perfect team for your project needs, ensuring low churn rates, timezone compatibility, and top talent. Partner with ITJ for life science expertise, excellence, and propelling your company forward.

Your Success Starts with Our Vetting Process

Intake Meetings with Hiring Managers

•  General information of the company

• Role Information

• Identify interview panel

• Align on logics and SLAs

• Review concepts of balance team and seniority

Team Selection Process

• Sourcing

• TA Prescreening

• Coding test

• Behavioral interview/ assessment

• Present candidates package and interview schedule two days in advance of

• Hiring Event

Hiring Event Day

• All-day Hiring event

• All candidates interview with panel (video via Zoom)

• Debrief Call

• Hire decisions at end of the day

Pre-hiring Activities

• Offer letters

• Onboarding planning with managers

• Account setup

• Equipment assignment

• Benefits setup

Hire Day

• ITJ Employment Conract/Legal Client

• Onboarding sessions begin

• Meet & Greet new teams

• Clients acquire the top 1% of talent.

Some of our awards and recognitions:

Our Approach: Effortless, smooth, and efficient.

We prioritize transparent and ongoing communication to keep you well-informed and comfortable at each stage.

Book a discovery call ➜

Share insights on your business and project requirements.

Discuss solution and team structure ➜

We will finalize project specifications before carefully choosing and onboarding the appropriate team.

Get started and track performance.

We will commence our work while ensuring you are informed and adjusting as required.

Ready to accelerate software development at your company?

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Be part of our awesome team

Be part of our awesome team



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