Pride month in ITJ

ITJ commemorates Pride Month

June is a month to commemorate achievements and activism all around the world. June is Pride Month for almost fifty years and has been declared Pride Month throughout the Americas and Europe as a consequence of the efforts of LGBTQ+ pioneers. Pride celebrations have their origins in the long battle of minority groups to overcome discrimination and be accepted.

Pride Month commemorates the continuous fight for equal justice for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people, and queers, as well as the successes of LGBTQ+ people. At ITJ, we value their contribution and unite as a diverse and loving community.

We have built a diverse team with people from many origins who are appreciated for their distinct life experiences, viewpoints, and interests. We are proud of the depth of culture that this variety provides in our everyday surroundings and the perspectives and ideas that each person in our organization brings to the table. Diversity and inclusiveness are essential components of our culture.

ITJ is delighted to include members of the LGBTQ+ community on our team. We think that every person’s worth should be valued and upheld, regardless of sexual orientation. We have discovered that diversity in our teams fosters innovation, inventiveness, and problem-solving, and we are not alone.

About ITJ

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