Dismantling Tech's Gender Gap: A vision for the future

Dismantling Tech’s Gender Gap: A Vision for the Future

Despite progress over the years, women remain underrepresented in the tech industry. As of 2022, only 28% of computing and engineering roles are held by women, notwithstanding the fact that women currently make up 47% of all employed adults in the US. Moreover, women hold only 27% of the CIO roles in the Fortune 500. In fact, the ratio of women to men in tech roles has actually decreased over the past 35 years, with half of women who enter the tech industry dropping out by age 35. The same study attributes the absence of gender gap in tech to lack of inclusivity. 

These statistics are concerning, but there is hope for a more equitable future in tech. 

Key Steps That Need To Be Taken To Dismantle Gender Divide In Tech

1. Addressing Biases in Recruitment and Hiring

One of the main reasons for the gender gap in tech is bias in recruitment and hiring. Studies have shown that both men and women are more likely to hire and promote men over women, even when they have identical qualifications. This bias can be unconscious, but it still leads to fewer opportunities for women in tech.

To address this issue, tech companies need to prioritize diversity and inclusion in their recruitment and hiring practices. This includes removing gendered language from job descriptions, implementing blind hiring practices, and ensuring that diverse candidates are included in the hiring process. Companies should also provide training for their recruiters and hiring managers on how to recognize and overcome unconscious bias.

At ITJ, we keep a constant training with our Talent Acquisition team to provide them with all the required tools to enable an unbiased recruitment process.

2. Providing Mentorship and Support

Mentorship opportunities can be highly beneficial for women in tech. Mentorship programs allow women to connect with experienced professionals in their field, learn new skills, and receive guidance on career advancement. 

Providing mentorship opportunities help women gain the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in their careers and break through the barriers that have traditionally prevented them from advancing in the industry.

At ITJ, we provide a catalog of tech talks and bootcamps addressed to women. In these mentorships they get the chance to learn from former successful women in their field and try new things in events for women by women.

3. Encourage Girls to Pursue STEM Education

One of the primary reasons for the gender gap in tech is the lack of representation of women in tech roles. Research has shown that girls tend to lose interest in STEM subjects as they progress through school. 

To address this, we need to encourage girls to pursue STEM education from a young age. This can be achieved by providing mentorship programs, hands-on learning experiences, and exposure to female role models in STEM fields. Encouraging girls to explore their interests in STEM can have a significant impact on their confidence and career aspirations.

At ITJ, we held an edition of STEMos Unidas, an in-house event inviting high school girls in Baja California to our state-of-the-art facilities to have a conversation with tech exponents in our industry to walk them through a career in tech as women. It is our goal to move stigma aside and let them know that they have everything it takes to pursue a STEM career if that is their desire.

4. Promote Inclusive Company Culture

An inclusive company culture is critical for promoting gender equality in the tech industry. Companies must create a safe and supportive work environment where women are treated with respect and are given equal opportunities. 

This includes promoting diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organization, implementing fair hiring practices, and providing opportunities for women to advance into leadership positions.

At ITJ, one of our core values as a company is that we believe talent is inclusive of all people. We foster inclusion in our workspace. As part of our community, we strive to promote diversity, respect and dignity for all employees while recruiting in an unbiased manner.

5. Promote Work-Life Balance

The tech industry has a reputation for being a high-pressure, demanding work environment. This can be particularly challenging for women, who may face additional responsibilities outside of work, such as caring for children or elderly family members. To promote gender equality in tech, companies need to prioritize work-life balance and provide flexible work arrangements that accommodate the needs of all employees.

Furthermore, flexible work arrangements, such as remote work or flexible hours, can be highly beneficial for women in tech. 

At ITJ, we offer a range of flexible work arrangements such as remote or hybrid word depending on the role for all people to feel comfortable and at ease.

6. Increase Female Representation in Leadership Positions

Women are underrepresented in leadership positions in the tech industry, which can perpetuate gender inequality. To address this, companies need to actively promote women into leadership roles and create pathways for career advancement.

It is also essential to ensure that women have access to mentorship and networking opportunities that can help them succeed in their careers.

At ITJ, we foster women equality in leadership roles and we have reached a 50-50 ratio of women and men in leadership positions within the company.

7. Address the Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is a persistent problem in many industries, including tech. Women in tech earn less than their male counterparts, even when they have the same qualifications and experience. 

Companies need to address the gender pay gap by conducting regular salary audits, setting clear pay scales, and promoting transparency around salaries and compensation.

At ITJ, women and men are offered the same salary for the same job despite gender.

8. Partner with Women in Tech Organizations

There are many organizations dedicated to supporting women in tech. Companies can partner with these organizations to promote gender equality in the industry, sponsor events and initiatives, and provide funding for scholarships and other programs.

At ITJ we maintain these valuable partnerships very present in our day to day operations. We have alliances with Women Who Code, and Laboratoria.

9. Address Harassment and Discrimination

Harassment and discrimination are unfortunately all too common in the tech industry. To address this, companies need to take a zero-tolerance approach to any form of harassment or discrimination, including sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and other forms of bias. This means implementing clear policies and procedures for reporting and addressing complaints and creating a culture where harassment and discrimination are not tolerated.

At ITJ, discrimination or harassment is off-limits for every employee, and we take zero-tolerance measures in such cases.

10. Monitor and Measure Progress

Finally, it is important to monitor and measure progress in promoting gender equality in tech. This can be done by tracking the number of women in tech roles, monitoring promotion rates for women, and conducting regular surveys to assess employee satisfaction and engagement. By monitoring and measuring progress, companies can identify areas where they need to improve and make adjustments to their diversity and inclusion strategies.

At ITJ, we handle this progress seamlessly and have numbers tracked quarterly for women vs. men ratios in our company.

To sum up, the gender gap in tech is a persistent issue that needs to be addressed urgently to promote gender equality in the industry. Furthermore, the lack of gender equality in the tech industry not only affects women’s career opportunities but also limits innovation and technological advancement.

To dismantle the gender divide in tech, companies need to address unconscious bias, create more opportunities for women, encourage girls to pursue tech careers, offer flexible work arrangements, and monitor and measure progress. By taking these key steps, we can promote gender equality in the tech industry and create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Contact us at ITJ to learn more about how you can dismantle tech’s divide too.

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