Cocktail reception between ITJ and 7CTOs

7CTOs dinner for San Diego and Carlsbad

SAN DIEGO, July 7th, 2022 — 7CTOs is dedicated to bringing together technology leaders for personal and professional growth. As part of their mission, 7CTOs hosted a dinner for San Diego/Carlsbad last Thursday, and ITJ sponsored the cocktail and food reception. We all gathered to meet IT’s professionals and share experiences and everyday challenges. 

At ITJ, we are delighted to have had the opportunity to meet Rachel Hart, 7CTOs Facilitator, Brittany Cotton, Head of Coaching, and many other great minds that afternoon. 

“When I got here from Silicon Valley I was amazed. San Diego is one of technology’s many epicenters and has so much to offer. CTOs are the vision of the future through software developments and innovation, and here in San Diego we can change the world.” These were the welcome remarks made by Mark Field, Vice-president of Software at Insulet, and Patricia Hernández, Senior Advisor of ITJ.

 7CTOs is an association of decision-makers in San Diego’s technology sector, together they share experiences and practices to promote innovation in the community. They create forums, invest in technological progress to help communities prosper, and train CTOs to be effective leaders. 

We, at ITJ, are honored to have taken part in the event. Fostering relationships between decision-makers in the tech industry is vital. We can all learn from one another and provide a helping hand when needed. We value these gatherings and hope to have some more to come. Thanks again 7CTOs!.