Celebrating New Beginnings: The UCSD & ITJ’s Binational Partnership Opens Doors

UCSD and ITJ Launch New Shared Space in Tijuana

TIJUANA, March 19 – UC San Diego Extended Studies and ITJ celebrated their newly forged alliance with an exciting office warming event held at ITJ Tijuana Offices. This event marked the beginning of a binational partnership launched to fuel positive growth and success in tech education and training.

The day unraveled with a spirit of unity and shared excitement. A highlight of the day was the round table discussion that not only uplifted the spirits of all present but also offered deep insights into the binational partnership’s future. The unveiling of the shared workspace was a ceremonial landmark of the occasion. It symbolized much more than an inauguration; it was a testament to the genesis of a partnership committed to innovation and progress.

As the event closed with a dynamic networking session, the atmosphere was abuzz with fresh ideas, casual, enlightening discussions, and an evident eagerness to collaborate. It was a fitting culmination of an event solidifying a promising journey ahead.

“We have reached this milestone due to tremendous support and shared enthusiasm,” remarked Maritza Díaz, CEO of ITJ. “We believe that our collective strength will open new educational pathways and create lasting impacts.” The new space is not just a physical area but a beacon for new faces and innovative educational endeavors that lie ahead.

The UCSD-ITJ partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration across borders. It stands as a promising model for binational partnerships, driven by a firm belief in a shared vision and collective strength. As this alliance turns to its next chapter, it carries the momentum of a successful launch and the promise of transformative educational projects.

About ITJ

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