A new center of excellence in Tijuana by ITJ

A new Technology Center of Excellence in Tijuana

TIJUANA, Mexico August 2, 2022 ITJ opened its new Technology Center of Excellence in Tijuana, Mexico. The state-of-the-art facility will be home to the next generation of digital talent in Baja California, contributing to the growth of California’s innovation economy. 

For this milestone, the company gathered representatives of government and binational leaders. Mexico’s Consulate in San Diego, the U.S. Consulate General in Tijuana, and Baja California State’s Secretariat of Economic Development and Innovation were among the guests. In addition, the World Trade Center San Diego, Tijuana EDC, San Diego EDC, U.S., and companies leading software development and biotech innovation in the region also attended the event. 

After achieving a company growth of 200%, folding its client base, and developing an efficient trainee program, ITJ is ready to boost efforts and continue empowering partners to deliver digital innovation that improves people’s lives. 

“We are blessed to be part of this thriving region. I am proud of our talented teams and thankful for our client’s trust during this time. This is a milestone for ITJ and our binational ecosystem,” said Maritza Diaz, ITJ’s CEO. 

The symbiosis between San Diego and Tijuana has been crucial to building a prominent mega-region and tech hub in the Life Sciences industry. To enable companies to become more competitive in mind, the new center integrates spaces for collaborative environments, scrum rooms, and more. The flexible workspaces, which occupy an entire floor, support a capacity of our employee target growth of 62% per year. The offices are fixed to encourage the creativity and efficiency of the team and support real-time collaboration with clients who leverage the location advantages of being 30 minutes driving distance from San Diego.

About ITJ

ITJ is devoted to serving fast-growing and high-value market sectors, particularly the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), working with innovative medical device companies looking to improve people’s lives. With a unique BOT (build, operate, and transfer) model that sources only the best digital talent available, ITJ enables companies in the U.S. to create technology centers of excellence in Mexico. For more information, visit www.itj.com.

ITJ exhibiting at BIO International Convention

ITJ exhibiting at BIO International Convention

ITJ is exhibiting at the BIO International Convention, the largest BioMedTech event in the United States. The 2022 event will take place in San Diego, with +100 interactive sessions planned across 4 days, addressing topics such as Next-generation bio-therapeutics, Digital Health, Business development, Patient advocacy, and more. 

Starting on June 13th, the great event welcomes various enterprises all over the world to a networking environment. ITJ will participate in the Mexican Pavilion, led by the Mexican Consulate in the US. Represented by Carlos González Gutierrez, General Consul of Mexico in San Diego. 

The activities the Mexican Consulate will be hosting include a welcoming icebreaker space between invited companies, universities, and authorities, where you can enjoy and network with relevant personalities in the industry. Additionally, an exhibitor reception will be showcased for all the event attendees, a place for meeting and exchanging diverse points of view regarding businesses in the BioMedTech industry.

You can join us in the greatest BioMedTech event in the US, register now at this link.

“The imperative need for this kind of event, now hosted by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, expands to a far broader scope than just simple conferences, it is a matter of business goals and partner-bond tailoring. To get to show some unique advantages of the technological ecosystem and how life sciences sector depends on it.” — Maritza Diaz

We fully anticipate that the participation and contribution of all attendees are valuable for the convention’s network, especially a benefit from the input of the diverse points of view, competencies, and experiences of all the invited representatives.

The ITJ team will be available for a One-on-One partnership, a networking space scheduled for enterprises who attend the convention to get to know one another and discuss relevant issues. So, if you would be interested in booking a meeting with us, regardless if you are able to attend the convention, you can contact us at our site and we will be pleased to accommodate you.

About BIO International Convention

The BIO International Convention hosts a welcoming space where enterprises can Get inspired and learn from global thought leaders who are tackling important issues at the crossroads of science, business, and policy. An annual event held in San Diego Convention Center and the US largest biotechnology industry event, as well as industry-leading investor and partnership gatherings occurring all around the world.

healthcare and life sciences

Reasons why the Healthcare & Life Sciences sector is stronger than ever

Why does the healthcare & life sciences sector is stronger than ever? When governments worldwide began to tighten their belts two years ago, mired in lockdown with precedents, life sciences businesses might have chosen to reduce their risk, cut down on investments, and ride out the storm. Instead, they sailed right into the hurricane’s eye. Rather than cutting down, several of them increased their efforts in research and development to enhance both science and technology.

To know more about the Internet of Medical Things and other advances in the healthcare and life sciences industry, you can visit The Internet of Medical Things: The Healthcare Revolution.

The findings made by FTI Consulting suggest new advances for the healthcare and life sciences sector, building on the momentum from the previous year and looking ahead to 2022. The worldwide Life Science and Chemical Instrumentation market is expected to be worth USD 43,080 million by 2026, up from USD 40,760 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 5.3% between 2021 and 2026. And the worldwide biotechnology industry was predicted to be worth $449 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to be worth $727.1 billion by 2025. Not only do the numbers represent an increase in revenue (and, by default, investment) in the sector, but also the federal government aided in the reduction of regulatory hurdles and invested billions of dollars in R&D.

With all these in mind, the future of the Healthcare & Life Sciences sector stands in:

Paying attention to scientific breakthroughs that are likely to continue. For instance, if you are an investor or a former company leader, you might like to review the former healthcare logistics and know-how of today and the road life sciences organizations will be taking soon. Companies in the life sciences, for example, have totally altered the way vaccines are created. The speed with which the vaccinations were developed, authorized, and distributed has been nothing short of astounding. In addition, manufacturing, testing, logistics, digital supply chains, and virtual clinical trials have also experienced considerable developments.

You also will have to realize that companies will likely have access to a more diverse and varied talent pool. Over the last few months, many of us have become acclimated to working from home. While the pandemic altered how we worked, it also spurred many health sciences firms to reconsider their strategy for attracting and retaining talent. Geography is no longer an impediment to attracting the finest and brightest. Even if it is challenging, the capacity to conduct a task online might help corporations balance their access to talent and science. This is a neutralizing factor that may assist put all organizations on an equal footing in terms of finding the proper personnel for every element of their business.

Finally, have present that AI has come to stay. AI is now beginning to be integrated into the company mix and transitioning from experimentation and pilots to complete integration—from R&D to accounts payable. To yet, firms have not seen a return on investment from AI that is commensurate with the hype. However, life sciences organizations will not realize the full potential of AI until it is integrated into an enterprise-wide strategy. Every time a process is digitized, there is a potential to acquire new information and increase efficiency by incorporating some amount of artificial intelligence and data science. COVID-19 has hastened the acceptance of this potential, which has been building for some years.