Omar Parra VP of Engineering

ITJ Strengthens Leadership: Welcoming Omar Parra to Drive Expansion and Excellence in Software Engineering

At ITJ, we are fully dedicated to advancing the flourishing Cali-Baja technology industry by delivering cutting-edge digital engineering services to forward-thinking companies across the San Diego mega-region and the entire United States. In line with this commitment, we are thrilled to introduce Omar Parra as the newly appointed Vice President of Engineering at ITJ.

With over 20 years of experience in the software development sector, Omar Parra has a diverse background that encompasses various roles within the software development life cycle (SDLC). Starting as a software developer, he later transitioned to agile management leadership, serving as a Team Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Enterprise Agile Coach. Throughout his career, Parra’s leadership has demonstrated a people-oriented approach, making decisions that prioritize the growth and success of his teams.

Omar’s mindset in code is characterized by his unwavering commitment to producing clean, well-structured, and organized code. His attention to detail and emphasis on maintaining code quality set him apart in the field of software development. However, it is not just his technical prowess that defines his leadership journey. Alongside his coding abilities, Omar possesses exceptional soft skills, including effective communication, adept negotiations, and skillful mediation. These skills have positioned him as a valuable interpreter, bridging the gap between engineering and business realms. Omar’s ability to facilitate clear communication and understanding between these two worlds is instrumental in driving successful collaborations and aligning technical solutions with business objectives.

We are thrilled to welcome Omar to our team as his presence brings a significant boost to our capacity for collaboration with enterprise organizations that prioritize digital innovation. With Omar on board, we are able to provide these organizations with unparalleled Technology Centers of Excellence.

By investing in talent, building partnerships, and creating a supportive work environment, Parra aims to solidify ITJ’s position as the leading Cali-Baja technology services company. Under his leadership, ITJ is poised for continued growth, delivering exceptional solutions and contributing to the success of its partners and the broader technology industry.

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