IoMT facility in Tijuana

New IoMT software engineering facility in Tijuana

ITJ is pleased to announce the expansion of its Technology Center of Excellence with a new state-of-the-art facility focused on IoMT software engineering services, located in the prestigious financial area of Tijuana, MX. The novel 1,300 sq2 office space will be welcoming new software engineering teams focused on serving the smart medical device sector, only a 10-minute drive from the San Diego border. 

The Internet of Medical Things offers advantages such as real-time monitoring, improved drug management, improved patient outcomes, and a reduction in medical expenditure. The above factors are driving the explosive IoMT market growth. Medical device software engineering investment is consequently expanding rapidly in line with this growth as companies bring smart Stationary, Implanted, and Wearable Medical Devices to market. 

For the past three years, ITJ has been serving fast-growing and high-value market sectors and in particular, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), working with innovative medical device companies looking to improve people’s lives. This particular sector is one of the fastest-growing, predicted to reach $176 billion by 2026. However, the shortage of tech talent in the US is a major challenge for these businesses – 76%  of US company CIO’s have recently said they struggle to find, hire and retain software engineering professionals. 

At ITJ, our ability to attract highly qualified engineers combined with our wealth of experience in the highly regulated healthcare and biotech industries has given us the opportunity to partner with leading medical device companies to cost-effectively address the US talent deficit and bring their IoMT products to market. ITJ is at the pinnacle of the rapidly expanding technology sector in Tijuana and we are proud to be the largest technology sector job creator in the Cali Baja region. Our mission is to create technology centers of excellence that help businesses to seize the unique advantages that Tijuana has to offer—proximity to the US and availability of high-tech specialized engineering teams.

The launch of our new facility on the Mexican side of the San Diego border is ITJ’s third expansion since 2018. We are committed to continuing this investment benefitting both our valued partners and supporting the local communities in San Diego and Tijuana. Our growth is made possible only with their help, and we look forward to accelerating our progress in the years ahead.

About ITJ

ITJ is devoted to serving fast-growing and high-value market sectors, particularly the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), working with innovative medical device companies looking to improve people’s lives. With a unique BOT (build, operate, and transfer) model that sources only the best digital talent available, ITJ enables companies in the US to create technology centers of excellence in Mexico. For more information, visit