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Are you struggling to find software engineers?

The struggle to find well-trained software engineers has become an issue for enterprises globally, but is now more concentrated in the US. When firms hold open software engineering roles for months, the problem might appear obvious: There just aren’t enough developers. According to ManpowerGroup’s US skills shortage statistics, 69% of US companies would struggle to fill positions in 2020. Tech jobs are among the top ten most difficult to fill. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the scarcity of engineers in the United States will reach 1.2 million by 2026, while 545K software developers will have left the market by then.

The majority of businesses are already attempting to solve the skills shortage. In the last five years, hiring developers as contractors and freelancers has been the most common method to address skills shortages. The truth is that no one solution fits all, but we present one here:

Nearshore and create technology centers of excellence in Mexico. The worldwide Covid-19 epidemic showed us that most businesses can successfully run a remote workforce, implying that the geographic and educational constraints that most companies previously faced are now essentially non-existent. It’s time to investigate fresh possibilities and think outside the box. Take a nearshoring solution, for instance, where working with a partner can bring you benefits such as: A contract, having a single cost, and does not need the adaption of additional offices, new equipment, or extensive training. Nearshore software professionals don’t need to learn new technologies and already have a lot of expertise and outcomes in their portfolios to help the new customer right away.

Mexico is a strategic location that allows firms to operate inside the thriving border economy while also improving relationships between Mexican and American industries. Mexico offers excellent quality for moving global and binational corporate investments, thanks to its unique cross-border integration and IT/Software development and its transnational culture and high-end binational talent pool.

About ITJ

ITJ serves fast-growing and high-value market sectors. With a unique BOT (build, operate, and transfer) model that sources only the best digital talent available, ITJ enables companies in the US to create technology centers of excellence in Mexico. We create long-term relationships with partners and build highly-trained and reliable teams. For more information, visit

Remote working, more cooperation, digital transformation, and other factors put new and rising strains on the workforce. Most organizations will need to adapt their staff to fulfill these needs to stay competitive. To nearshore is an achievable goal a company can set to find trained and qualified software engineers.