ITJ is committed to investing in developing digital talent in Tijuana

Given the success of the first BootCamp organized by ITJ’s talent team, the company decided to launch a second edition. This second edition will be dedicated to those who are interested in the world of Software Testing and want to learn how to start coding software tests for web and mobile applications using Selenium and Appium. 

Software testing is one of the most important and fundamental activities in the development of a project since it enables the processes, work methods, and tools that guarantee the quality of any project. Aiming to create new talent, ITJ is offering mentorship and career development to young IT professionals in Mexico and Latin America through these intensive courses.

The Test Automation Bootcamp will be conducted entirely online, with the aim of having more participants who can reap its benefits. The two-day Bootcamp will launch on September 4th, 2021. The students will have nine hours of intensive course content with a fifteen-minute lunch break. 

It is important to remember that there are certain prerequisites for those who are interested in participating. If you are interested, then consider the following points: you will need to have knowledge of some programming language, basic knowledge of OOP, basic knowledge of HTML, CCS, and JavaScript. Also, you will need to have your laptop/PC already set up (the instructions will be shared). Both Windows or Mac can work. This is key since although the intention of the event is to train, the event requires some level of experience in software development. 

ITJ is aware of the great amount of talent that exists among young people. Bootcamps work as a tool that helps ITJ fulfill its mission: to build the next tech generation of young digital talent. That’s why the Test Automation Bootcamp is an outstanding opportunity to learn new skills, do some networking, and have the chance of being a prospect for a job in one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the US. 

During the event, participants will have the opportunity to be offered job interviews. These meetings will be conducted by Senior Managers. If you are interested in starting a career in technology and want to secure a bright future, you can start by being part of this great event. 

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