Nearshore Hiring in Tech has reached new heights

October 12, 2022

Today, companies that are struggling to find qualified employees locally are increasingly exploring talent in Latin America. As a result, nearshore hiring in the tech industry has never been higher.

According to this survey, nearshoring software development employment will expand by 70% over the following year. Some firms have already actively hired outside the United States to fill vacant technical positions. Likewise, corporate boards highlighted that technology investment to build new goods and services is a top priority, according to a Harvey Nash Group survey of over 2,000 digital executives from almost 90 countries.

Nevertheless, workforce shortages may jeopardize investment plans as demand for technology specialists hits new heights. More than two-thirds of digital executives reported being unable to keep up with developments owing to a lack of trained IT experts. Therefore, Latin American talent has caught the attention of US-based firms, making nearshore the perfect solution to ease their pains. Take Mexico as an example, the area shares time zones with the United States, and looking for talent in locations such as Tijuana, helps businesses avoid competing for talent in places in the US.

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Top-performing firms use data more effectively to build valuable products and earn revenue. As a result of recruiting superior teams nearshore, they were more nimble in pivoting and growing their goods and services to meet client expectations.

Mexico’s nearshoring business has grown in the recent decade as a result of the country’s closeness to the United States, the NAFTA free trade agreement, and a big pool of multilingual employees. Historically, Mexico has served as a foundation for banks such as Santander, HSBC, and Bank of America to supply services to their branches across Latin America. However, Mexico’s software development program (Programa para el Desarrollo de la Industria del Software, or PROSOFT) is now presenting Mexico to IT clients as a world-class nearshore option.

“Latin America’s rising importance in global outsourcing is undeniable. With its proximity to the U.S., language skills, infrastructure, and tax incentives, Latin America has emerged as a favorable destination for IT and business process outsourcing.” (Forbes).

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