5 Reasons To Nearshore with ITJ

May 31, 2021

Here’s a fact that will surprise no one: The tech industry is one of the fastest-growing in the US— worth 1.6 trillion dollars and is on a path to reach $5 trillion by the end of 2021.

However, it has one clear obstacle: a serious shortage of tech talent. In a recent survey, 76%  of US company CIOs have recently said they struggle to find, hire and retain software engineering professionals. The job application success rate between being interviewed and getting hired is between 2% and 3.4%. For a tech company with a timely project at hand, recruiting processes with such a low retention rate can make the difference between staying on top of the competition and losing a precious window to launch a new feature or product.

Nearshoring is a proven way to remain competitive by hiring qualified talent within the same time zone, but residing in locations with lower costs of living. ITJ serves fast-growing and high-value market sectors by creating qualified teams, saving companies precious resources in time and recruiting by creating large, low cost, high performance centers for software engineering.

Haven’t heard of us yet? Here is a list of 5 reasons to nearshore with ITJuana.

  1. We specialize in MedTech

For the past three years, ITJuana has been serving fast-growing market sectors with a particular focus on the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). ITJuana has been working with innovative medical device companies looking to improve people’s lives. This specific sector is one of the fastest-growings in the tech industry, predicted to reach $176 billion by 2026

  1. Faster Hiring Processes

In the US, finding, filtering, and hiring the right talent can take months. The average time for ITJuana to hire engineers is 37 days. We only hire the best bilingual talent from Mexico, as well as from elsewhere in LATAM, and are totally committed to developing the next generation of engineers through our partnerships with top educational institutions and the ITJuana trainee program. 

  1. Better qualified teams

ITJuana enables companies to create world-class software engineering centers of excellence in Tijuana, MX. Our services assist companies of all sizes to access purpose-built, fully managed, lower cost, and innovative software development, testing, and operational support teams. These hubs integrate seamlessly with our client’s resources and align with their business strategies. Our unique Nearshore model works with the highest quality software engineers, data scientists, and creative designers from across Mexico and Latin America. 

  1. Continuous Growth

We care passionately about both our clients and our staff, so the professional teams we create are purposefully only composed of full-time client-dedicated employees, allowing us to attract and retain the best engineering talent while reliably delivering the highly productive, quality services our clients seek. Understanding your company culture is important to us, because we know you may need to further grow your staff in the future. We want to make sure that the people that continue to join your team are not only fully qualified, but aligned with your values and goals. This is why we maintain ongoing relationships with our clients and take extra care to immerse our talent in their company culture.

5. Lower staff turnover

Our stance against subcontracting shows our team where we stand and allows our clients to plan for the long run. As a result, we hold a staff turnover rate of less than half the industry average.

Unique to the industry, we firmly believe in our mantra of “our team is your team” so much so that our clients have the option to transition the engineering teams we build for them into their own organizations when they are ready and choose to do so. 

Write to us at to know more about what ITJuana’s Centers of Excellence can do for your team.

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